My name is Bart Duriez. For several years, I was a postdoc at the psychology department of the KU Leuven (Belgium) where I conducted research on a variety of topics including authoritarianism, intergroup relations, prejudice, religiosity, goals and values, morality, personality, empathy, well-being, attachment, processes of personal, social and national identity, and parent and peer influences. During this time, I taught courses in developmental psychology, personality psychology and research methods, and supervised several master and PhD students. Currently, I am a part-time educational researcher at the Karel De Grote Hogeschool. Mister Rabbit is my less neurotic alter. He is a true rock ā€˜nā€™ roll animal with a keen interest in art, photography, web design, and graphic design. Mister Rabbit and I take on freelance assignments in each of these fields.

There are plenty of ways in which you can contact us. If you see me or Mister Rabbit around, talk to us. If not, come over and camp in front of our door. Or call us. We have a phone and a skype account. Or send us a letter. Just drop it in our mailbox, have it delivered by the mailman, tie it around the neck of a pigeon, or put it in a bottle and throw it in the ocean. If this is too upfront, try attracting our attention via sign language or smoke signals. If that doesn't work, try throwing engraved rocks at us. Or go for an easy option. You appear to be sitting in front of your computer, so why not just send us an e-mail. Alternatively, find us on Facebook.

Bart Duriez

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