The internal structure of the Post-Critical Belief scale.

Johnny Fontaine, Bart Duriez, Patrick Luyten & Dirk Hutsebaut

According to Wulff (1991; 1997), the various approaches to religion can be located in a two-dimensional space along the bipolar dimensions Exclusion vs. Inclusion of Transcendence and Literal vs. Symbolic. Drawing on Wulff, Hutsebaut and his colleagues (Hutsebaut, 1996; 1997; Duriez, Fontaine & Hutsebaut, 2000) developed the Post-Critical Belief scale to measure interindividual differences in these dimensions. In this article, results from multidimensional scaling and principal component analyses in 16 samples (N=4648) gathered in Flanders (Belgium) are presented which support the interpretation of the relationships between the Post-Critical Belief scale items in terms of Wulff's dimensions.

Fontaine, J.R.J., Duriez, B., Luyten, P., & Hutsebaut, D. (2003). The internal structure of the Post-Critical Belief scale. Personality and Individual Differences, 35, 501-518.