Our art highlights the dark side of living in times with seemingly unlimited possibilities for self-construal and self-actualization. In general, our art deals with existential loneliness and the difficulties people experience when trying to construct a unique personal identity and when trying to interact with others. We seek inspiration in pop art, psychoanalysis, the music and movies we are trying to grow up with, and other elements of contemporary popular culture. Often, through what reminds of stills of movies in which nothing of any significance ever happens, we create a claustrophobic universe in which people are isolated in one way or another.

Past Exhibitions

2017 : LABO #2, Leuven, Belgium
2016 : LABO #1, Leuven, Belgium

2014 : Mixx, Herselt, Belgium

2012 : Kunstroute-Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

2012 : Haute Cuisine, Wilsele, Belgium

2012 : Kulturama, Leuven, Belgium

2011 : Museum M, Leuven, Belgium

2011 : Haute Cuisine, Wilsele, Belgium

2011 : Libertad, Leuven, Belgium

2010 : OOKunst, Kortemark, Belgium

2010 : Kunstroute-Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

2009 : Existenz, Leuven, Belgium

2009 : Zomer in de kruidtuin, Leuven, Belgium

2009 : Sacred Places, Leuven, Belgium

2009 : Kunstroute-Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

2009 : Hemelsbreed Verschil, Koekelare, Belgium

2008 : Blijf in je kot, Leuven, Belgium

2008 : Schrijnwerkerij, Geel, Belgium

2008 : Salve Mater, Lovenjoel, Belgium

2008 : Galerij Jan Colle, Gent, Belgium

2007 : Hemelsbreed Verschil, Koekelare, Belgium

2007 : Molens Van Orshoven, Leuven, Belgium

2007 : Museum Irenee Duriez, Ichtegem, Belgium