The Rabbit Story


The Rabbit Story is a story about a bunny rabbit with a youth trauma and an attachment disorder. But first of all, it is a story about a girl, and about the clash between romantic ideals and reality. It is a story about knights on white horses, or actually, the absence of knights on white horses. It is a story about human nature, love and lust, and vegetarianism. It is a story about that feeling you get when you wake up in the middle of the night to find your beloved is no longer lying beside you, and about that feeling your beloved got when hitting the floor as a result of you pushing him or her out of the bed in your sleep. It is a story about expectations, and what these may lead to. Although inspired by an e-mail from Jessica Taylor, it is a story about me, you, and everyone we know. The work contains 51 wooden boxes of 20 x 30 cm and of varying depth. Total size: 100 x 345 cm.